The Nurburgring

The Nurburgring as a legend of one of the richest in tradition, longest, most sophisticated and frequented racetracks of the world. Numerous visitors make great experiences in many music and sport events and mainly in motor sports. Motor sports at its best in pure culture! 

Amateurs and professionals of most different race classes compete with each other with their cars on two racetracks: the steeped in tradition Nordschleife and the modern Grand-Prix-racetrack.


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In surroundings of Nurburgring there are some more activities and attractions which are worth to be seen.

Do you like to enjoy some hours of relaxation guided by some italian food pleasures?

This restaurant is located nearby the city center of Adenau. 

Are you in the mood for fitness?

Located very close to you. Day pass is available. 

Experience unforgettable moments at Nurburgring. 

Make your own experience at Nurburgring racetrack with your own car. 

Check out the time table of all relevant areas of Nurburgring at a glance. 

Mainly the time table of the Nordschleife and Grand-Prix-racetrack. 

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